Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-10-17

New packages added this week:

  • You probably didn’t know you needed a REPL, until gore.
  • As a kid, I’d refuse any Thanksgiving stuffing with Celery in it, but at least now it goes better with Go via the celeriac library.
  • File this under the very meta ‘Learning Go by implementing machine learning’ - the go-mind neural network library.
  • An impressively well documented set of statistical functions for Go, the stats package from Montana Flynn, who also wins for best GitHub Avatar.

Companies now using Go:

  • Getting together with friends? There’s an app for that - Gatherer.
  • Got customers? Email, live chat, web and mobily by Kayako.

New Articles:


Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • Kenny Grant
  • Montana Flynn
  • Nathan Youngman
  • Steven Miller
  • Carlisia Campos
  • Mac Shifford
  • Stefan von Cavallar
  • Jaehoon Kim

Absy love it, keep on doing it, sir!

I love these wrapups. Thank you @jbuberel!

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