Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-10-09

New packages added this week:

Companies now using Go:

  • Digital design agency Thisissoon who recently released their own MUX middleware package.
  • Mobile ad measurement service, KOCHOVA.
  • Need to search for files across Dropbox and Google drive? Metasearch
  • Customer service chat application, Ninchat

New Articles:

Go Books

Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • Alex Davies-Moore
  • Brad Fitzpatrick
  • Mhd Sulhan
  • David du Colombier
  • sue spence
  • Dmitri Shuralyov
  • Noel Cower
  • Pierre Neidhardt
  • Nodir Turakulov
  • Nathan Youngman

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