Weekly Wiki Wrapup - 2015-10-02

New packages added this week:

  • MQTT - An MQTT protocol implementation in Go
  • yy - yacc to yacc compiler
  • pl0 - Front end, compiler and VM for the PL/0 language
  • goha - Basic and Digest HTTP Authentication for Go http client
  • cwmp-proxy - Reverse proxy for the cwpm messaging protocol
  • Hectane - Lightweight SMTP client

Companies now using Go:

  • Streaming data analytics provider SumoLogic
  • Under the Google category, @raykll added Kubernetes
  • Germany-based home furnishings e-commerce site Home24
  • Turkish news portal Instela

New Articles on Go:

Conferences and Events:

Tips and Tools for manipulating Go code:

Miscellaneous Edits:

Thank you to all of our contributors (changelog order):

  • Rain Liu
  • cznic
  • Burcu Dogan
  • Çağatay Gürtürk
  • Ivan Stefanov
  • Jaehoon Kim
  • Ezequiel Moreno
  • Ukaza Perdana

This is sweet!


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