Web app architecture

I built the architecture for web project development and use the link below

Does anybody use the this? Or somebody has best suggestions. The project existed of web app and Restful api. In addition to for future we will plan some image processing modules about collected data

  • That’s a lot of directories. Do you use all of them?
  • This “standard” does not tell us anything about the organization of the code.

I’ve not seen this directory layout before.

But maybe you ask a more specific question. What do you have so far? How did you organize the code?

I don’t use all directories, Now im working on this architecture but it will be a little confused. But some parts of the repo is useful I think. Separate codes under cmd directory, usage of internal and pkg directories
Do you have some recommendation? Maybe more clean architecture and not confused @lutzhorn

There’s a recent discussion about this at reddit, you may want to check it out.

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Hi guys,

I use this architecture for my project. I think that its more readable and scalable for future


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