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Hi Everyone -

I am faculty in Computer Science at California State University, Fresno. I am also faculty at Fresno City College. I am teaching Go at both of these schools, using Go for web programming. I record all of my lectures, put them on YouTube, and organize them into playlists.

I began learning Go in December of 2014 and then started teaching it in January of 2015. Along with our upper-division comp sci students and our graduate comp sci students, I have had a lot of fun figuring this language out and figuring out how to do web programming with it.

When I was first learning Go, I wished there were more resources for myself and our students. I am glad to be able to now contribute to the Go community the resources I have created. It is my hope that these videos and playlists will be helpful to others who are learning Go.


This is the best video I have seen for learning go.

Definitely worth mentioning GopherVids by Damian Gryski:

If you have nice videos that are not there, don’t forget to nag him :smile:


Gophervids gets updated irregularly, mostly dependent on my free time since I want to actually watch the videos and I have to update the JSON file by hand, etc

Videos I’ve not yet added I do add to the gophervids youtube playlist:

However, these videos have not been vetted for quality, more of a link-dump.

@toddmcleod Do you have videos on HTTP/2 Web Applications ( Server Push & etc?).

If not, definitely check out and the work BradFitz is doing, which you’re probably familar with.

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