Validating json data against json schema

(manu) #1

Can anyone help me with how to validate json data using json schema…
can you share source code…

(Lutz Horn) #2

A simple web search returns this project:

(manu) #3

Thank you lutzhorn

(manu) #4

Hi lutzhorn…Can i use this library without licence. i meant can we use this library for free?

(Norbert Melzer) #5

You can’t use it without license. The library is released under Apache-2.0 license, so you have to adhere to it. If you can’t do that, you are free to ask the authors of the library for another, individual license.

And what exactly do you mean by “for free”? If it is as in “there is no monetary charge”, then yes, it is already like this due to Apache 2.0. But you “pay” for this by doing without any kind of warantee or liability by the original maintainer.