Using the Standard library's suffix array [SOLVED]

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to use the index/suffixarray package, but I’m having issues. I’m not sure it does what I want it to do. I’d like a sorted array of all the suffixes of a given string. I don’t think It does that. If it does and I am just missing it could you teach me.

Not sure but I think this is what you want to do:

Basic example of how to use that package, more details in the docs:

more of what I want is like for your array to call suffix array with lets say banana
it would return me an array like


I don’t know that suffix is the way to go for that since, you are essentially just stripping each index out of the given string:

Is that more what you’re wanting to do?

Yeah I guess so … but then I need to sort it myself. OK thank you Curt you’re always very helpful

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