Using go to send bulk sms with either API or just go

Most bulk sms service providers don’t provide saving of messages and contacts.
That’s where the app comes in.
It’s to use a very good bulk sms service providers API then save the messages and contacts.
The contacts are to be saved in groups cos it’s a school.
Grade 1, Grade 2…; Grade 1A, Grade 1B etc.
So parents whose wards are in Grade 1, could receive messages concerning their kids and those messages and parents numbers saved in db and could be re-use.
Please I need help.
I don’t know if I should create a table for Grade 1, Grade 2 - Grade 5. Or
Should have students table where all the students are saved etc.

I guess you should make one table for students and mention in a field the grade for every student.

I was thinking of that, Will that be okay. Cos you know at end of term students are promoted.
Any bulk sms API that i can use with golang?
Or does go has it’s own?

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