Using CLI args and a config file to assign values

I have a tool that I want to:

  1. look for a default config file (complete)
  2. unmarshal the data into the fields of a struct (complete)
  3. using the flag package, parse all cli args (complete)
  4. update the fields accordingly if arg != Struct.Field
  5. OR maybe I should rethink this entirely :slight_smile:

Here are some code snippets:

type Config struct {
	User    string `json:"user"`
	Port    int    `json:"port"`
	Key     string `json:"key"`
	Nodes   string `json:"nodes"`
	Syslog  bool   `json:"syslog"`
	LogPath string `json:"logpath"`
	Fatal   bool   `json:"fatal"`

// this is boiler plate for what I thought was best approach
func (c *Config) Rectify(uname string) {
	c.User = uname

func getConfig(fd string) {
	contents, e := ioutil.ReadFile(fd)
	e = json.Unmarshal(contents, &cfg)

func main() {
        // unmarshal; assign to cfg, hardcoded for example
	uname := flag.String("u", "send", "username")
        // other flags removed for brevity

This is where I’m kind of stuck. I’m trying to simplify the cli usage of the tool while being more…gomatic (or is it golangish? gopherish?)


Have a look at cobra and viper

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