Use Clean Archtecture in Go And Prerequisites for project implementation

Hello Guys,
I wanna make a service that can play mp3 and mp4 with subtitle with Go Back-end and Android Front-end (and maybe a website with React).

may please introduce a good tutorial for implementation Clean Architecture in Go!?
and it’s ok to use MySQL or MariaDB as a database for this service ?!
and at last, I had to use any framework or ORM ?! or if I use Go with just needed library it will be good ?!


I guess you have read this article?

Trying Clean Architecture on Golang by Iman Tumorang

And some updates to the structure

Trying Clean Architecture on Golang — 2 by Iman Tumorang

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Using mysql or other database is good for data about the files but maybe you should try to find some library for delivering the files which can handle jumping back and forth in the mp3 and mp4 . Something like this (I haven’t used it myself)

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