Upload a file - type io.Reader is not an expression

I have some problem to upload an existing file to a ftp using jlaffaye/ftp. There is no “upload” command. The closest I have found is StorFrom()

But the syntax is a hidden secret for me. I cannot find any example how to use this.

package main

import (

func send2ftp(filename string) {
	c, err := ftp.Dial("ftp.test.com:21", ftp.DialWithTimeout(5*time.Second))
	if err != nil {

	err = c.Login("test", "test")
	if err != nil {

	if _, err := os.Stat(filename); err != nil {
		if os.IsNotExist(err) {
			fmt.Println("does not exist")
	} else {

	err = c.StorFrom(filename, io.Reader, 0)
	if err != nil {


This attempt to find a syntax gives this error:

type io.Reader is not an expression

The question is simple: How do I upload an existing file to ftp? Or how do I create a file at ftp using a []string value.

(*ServerConn).StorFrom expects to be passed something that implements io.Reader. If you want to upload a file from your computer, you can use os.Open to open the file and then pass the file to StorFrom. Don’t forget to close the file when you’re done!


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