Unresolved reference - "github.com/golang/freetype"

Hi Team.

I am new to go, just learing.

I was trying to add reference so that I can run the following program , Please find the link

Here in import this following line is througing error “github.com/golang/freetype”, “golang.org/x/image/font

How to resolve this…

How do you try to build and run this program? What exact error do you get?

I am using gogland from jetbrain editor.

by using the terminal i was using following command

C:\Users\Administrator\GoglandProjects\awesomeProject\src\main>go build main.go

main.go:14:2: cannot find package “github.com/golang/freetype” in any of:
C:\Go\src\github.com\golang\freetype (from $GOROOT)
C:\Users\Administrator\GoglandProjects\awesomeProject\src\github .com\golang\freetype (from $GOPATH)

You will first have to install the libraries your code depends on. The go tool can be used from the command line like this:

$ go get github.com/golang/freetype

Now you can run your code:

$ go run main.go

Looks fine to me.

Do you still have a problem?

Thank you very much

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