"Unrecognized import Path" Unable to get it run

Hey Guys,
i’am new at Go Lang and ive got an Issue i tried to run a go Program but it doesnt work. i always got this error: “package /root/Projects/Go/pritunl-client-electron-master/service: unrecognized import path "/root/Projects/Go/pritunl-client-electron-master/service” (import path does not begin with hostname)"
i tried to compile this VPN Client: https://github.com/pritunl/pritunl-client-electron
i really want this to get work. So please help me. Thanks in Advanced!

I didn’t immediately find any build instructions so I can’t comment. But perhaps show (exactly) what you’re doing and we might be able to assist.

go get github.com/pritunl/pritunl-client-electron/service worked for me so the package itself seems fine.

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i cloned it from github with got clone then i navigated to the tools folder after that i tried go run build_win.go
Thats all i’ve done :confused:

I suspect that you have not cloned it to the correct place in $GOPATH. You need to set the GOPATH environment variable, or if using a recent Go use the default of ~/go, and then clone the source to in $GOPATH/src/github.com/pritunl/pritunl-client-electron.

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