Unmarshalling scyllaDB timestamps to *string

I am storing some timestamps in the scyllaDB and when retrieving it is showing error that “Cannot unmarshal timestamps into *string”
I am creating a todo API and when retrieving the todos from the DB it gives back the error: “Cannot unmarshal timestamps into *string”. The todo struct containing the createdAt and updatedAt fields are of type time.Time. Help me how to resolve this.
Here is the todo struct type:

type Todo struct {
    ID          gocql.UUID `json:"id"`
    UserID    string		`json:"user_id"`
    Title       string		`json:"title"`
    Description string		`json:"description"`
    Status      string		`json:"status"`
    CreatedAt   time.Time	`json:"created_at"`
    UpdatedAt   time.Time	`json:"updated_at"`

Here is the handler:

func GetAllTodos(user_id string) ([]*Todo, error) {
    var todos []*Todo

    query := `SELECT * FROM todo WHERE user_id = ? ALLOW FILTERING`
    iter := Session.Query(query, user_id).Iter()

    var todo Todo
	var createdAtTime, updatedAtTime time.Time
    for iter.Scan(&todo.ID, &todo.UserID, &todo.Title, &todo.Description, &todo.Status, &ctodo.CreatedAt,&todo.UpdatedAt) {      
        todos = append(todos, &todo)
        todo = Todo{}

    if err := iter.Close(); err != nil {
        return nil, err
    return todos, nil

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