Unload a go plugin

go1.8 onwards, go supports to create and load a plugin.

but unload plugin is not supported.

a plugin is a module loaded at runtime, is it possible to unload a module?

if not possible to unload a module, what is the best that can be done at application level to unload a plugin/make it unusable but still in memory?

Unloading a loaded plugin is not possible. I don’t know of any workarounds that would make unloading possible with the plugin package. There are a couple of alternatives to the plugin package (I did a writeup some time ago here), but all these approaches only provide out-of-process connections between the plugin and its client.

Sun looked at this back in the LD_PRELOAD days, and found that unlinking something merely caused the dynamic linker to try to re-resolve the links. There was one use-case where that made sense, but in general it was pretty insane to undo something and then have it re-done the next time the application called the entry-point.

An application would need to manage all its plug-ins explicitly to avoid unlinking just being a no-op, but if it did, it could refrain from ever calling the plug-in again. A “mere matter of programming” for your application (;-))

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