Unexpected result adding float numbers

The following snippet

import "fmt"

func main() {
	a := 8.9
	b := 2.2
	c := a + b
	fmt.Printf("%g\n", c)

Returns 11.100000000000001 but i expect 11.1

What am i doing wrong ?


Hi @wdantuma :slight_smile: ! In Go if you to want format correctly a float number with a specific number of decimals, you need to use %.Nf where N is the number of digits you want.
In your case change:

with fmt.Printf("%.1f\n", c). The formatter %g represents the float number with its maximum number of significant digits, and in your case you’re using two float64 so Go fills all the right 14 digits automatically

That’s just float…

If you need accurate results, just don’t use floats.

Some background info:


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Thanks both, i should have known

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