Unexpected EOF in Golang Mysql Connection pool

Hi Team,

I am creating connection pool in golang with below configuration…

db.SetConnMaxIdleTime(time.Minute * time.Duration(3))
db.SetConnMaxLifetime(time.Hour * time.Duration(1))

In the meanwhile, I am creating 10000 go routines they will do database updates… I am getting
[mysql] 2022/02/18 17:54:34 packets.go:37: unexpected EOF and
[mysql] 2022/02/18 17:26:35 packets.go:37: read tcp : read: connection timed out

Frequently and missing updates… What the code does is below

result, err := db.Exec(query, params)

Kindly advice, what configuration I am missing or I have to implement lock and unlock for getting connection ?

check if your connection keep alive for long time, and try to see this links

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