uClibC support?

Is there a Go package somewhere built against uClibC, perhaps in an OpenWrt repository or similar? I would like to port my Go applications to uClibC environments for mostly academic reasons, but I’m not sure if anyone has ported Go to uClibC yet.

I know for musl that the Alpine Linux “go” package uses musl, but for uClibC, I guess this area represents an ever smaller section of the Venn diagram of development effort, as uClibC is dying?

I would expect a static binary to work regardless of the system libc. (But I haven’t tried.)

It doesn’t.

At my company we need to compile for Debian based docker images separately from the Alpine based ones. So you can’t use musl linked at libc hosts or vice versa, I do assume it will be the same for uClibC.

Even for a static binary, i.e, CGO_ENABLED=0, -tags netgo?

Never tried that, as I have no access to the actual build- and deploy scripts.

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