Twin Primes Segmented Sieve of Zakiys (SSoZ) Explained

I just released this new paper which presents Go versions and benchmarks.

Twin Primes Segmented Sieve of Zakiya (SSoZ) Explained

Over the past few years I’ve gotten help in developing the code from the Forum and thought
I’d share the results of the refined code’s comparative performance to some other languages.

I previously had posted about it here

Most recently I brought up a problem I observed with multi-threading here

I noticed when I compiled the code with 1.8.3 its performance was worse than with 1.8.
I’m hoping people can improve the implementations, as I’m not a native Go programmer.

Here are the Go sources for the code in the paper.



I would love to see what times people get on different hardware, like an M1, ARMs, et al.

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