Turn off smiley faces?

Pretty please? :slight_smile: There’s so… silly looking, IMO.

There’s a setting for it in there somewhere. :)

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I think they’re kind of fun… but it’s certainly possible to disable them. There’s three other emoji styles (Twitter, Apple/International, Emoji One) we could toggle too, if it’s just these Google-style emoji you don’t like.

It is strange that this is not a per-user setting, as it is obviously a personal preference. Since it’s a plugin, it can be turned off globally, but there doesn’t seem to be a per-user setting.

If that’s the only choice, I’d vote leave it on (because people expect them) until the day a mob with pitchforks shows up demanding it to be turned off.

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To be clear… I don’t mind emoji, like being able to do :cake: … it’s just the normal smiley faces like :) that I’d prefer to keep as text. But maybe that’s not an option…

I agree with @mem that it would be nice if this were a per-user setting. But seeing as that is not the case, better to enable globally. If the curmudgeons don’t like it, they could write a chrome extension that replaces the GIFs with their text equivalents :wink:


Testing a reply email. We really don’t want smiley faces, :frowning:

My vote: I prefer smiley faces, do not mind if they go away though. However, if they’re gonna be around, @matt, are you saying we could set them to be like the Twitter ones? I hate the way the standard : ) looks here, it’s ugly and odd. I’d much prefer the Twitter style.

@carlisia - if you view source/inspect one of the emoji images, you’ll see:

<img src="/images/emoji/google/frowning.png?v=0" title=":frowning:" class="emoji" alt=":frowning:">

Which at least implies that they could be swapped out assuming the files were named correctly .

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That sounds easy enough, unless eventual upgrades would override that file. But it sounds like there is a setting somewhere to change the style of the emojis, that’d be even easier.

For some reason none of the emoji sets have the basic smiley, all go straight to some sort of laugh. Would need to do more research on this.

I quite like the smileys :racehorse: — it’s wierd that they don’t use the builtin unicode one’s though :racehorse:. I guess that doesn’t render for some people?

Which forum software is being used?

We are using Discourse.

I’m used to slack, so I don’t mind the icons. Wish it was a personal preference.

I like smiley faces.

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Why not just use GitHub emoji…?

Why? As long as they aren’t abused.

:gift: me :wink: or :gift: me :skull:

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Come on, people. It’s 2015, not 1990, we’ve even got emoji in git commit messages already. I totally can’t understand people complaining about it. I also think there must be a pref to toggle between google/twitter/apple/one emoji though.

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More context about why it’s not a per-user setting: https://meta.discourse.org/t/emoji-user-preferences/15763

it’s a rather big and complex change.


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