Trying to use a dylib in go program

Hello Gophers

I’m trying to use a dynamic library generated by a library called CIMGUI (, it’s a C binding from an another library (IMGUI) written in C++. it’s really awesome and I would like to use it golang. I had made several tries in order to get this working but it’s really hard for me as I a noob in the C , C++ and Go worlds. I had already try it with swig with no success and now I’m trying another approach trying to use the dylib that is compiled in the library.

Well , the library has a makefile that generates the dylib , so my question then is how can I use the this dynamic library in a go package ?

I’ve tried something like this:

package main

//is this ok ?
//cgo LDFLAGS: cimgui.dylib

//this headers are necessary if the dylib is loaded?
//#include ../imgui/imgui.h 
//#include ./cimgui.h

import "C"

func main() {


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Remove empty line between includes and ‘import “C”’. It won’t work otherwise.

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