Trying to mimic the State Design pattern

Hello I am sort of this don’t have an idea what to code guy, so I thought I try myself at the state design pattern… Well got something out yet it is far from the design pattern. This is okay, what I don’t understand is why the program doesn’t read the second input from the console which I tell it to do in the method SetValues() of the calculator structure. Should I use a slice reader approach?
[I excuse myself for bad formatting if this is the case.]

code in the package:

package vect

import "fmt"
import "bufio"
import "os"

type Values struct{
	a,b,c int

func (v *Values) Loadval(a,b,c int) {
	v.a = a
	v.b= b
	v.c = c

func (v Values) Print(){

type Programstate interface{
	Load(v Values)
	Control() (bool,bool)

type Additor struct{
	val Values
	calc *Programstate

func (c *Additor) Load(v Values) {
	c.val.a = v.a
	c.val.b = v.b
	c.val.c = v.c

func (c *Additor) Calculate(){
	c.val.c = c.val.a + c.val.b

func (c Additor) Display() {

func (c Additor) Control() (bool,bool){
	fmt.Println("New calculation? (y/n)")
	fmt.Println("No entry for ending program")
	reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
	text,  _ ,_:= reader.ReadRune()
	if text == 'y'{
		return true, true
	if text == 'n'{
		return false, true
	return false, false

type Calculator struct{
	calc Programstate
	add Additor

func (c *Calculator) StartUp(){
	c.calc = &c.add

func (c *Calculator) Switch() bool{
	fmt.Println("What calculation do you want to do next?")
	fmt.Println("a for addition")
	reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
	text,  _ ,_:= reader.ReadRune()
	if text == 'a'{
		c.calc =  &c.add
		return true
	return false

func (c *Calculator) SetValues() {
	var val Values
	fmt.Println("What first value do you want to calculate?")
	reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
	text , _ , _ := reader.ReadRune()
	val.a = int(text -'0')
	fmt.Println("What second value do you want to calculate?")
	text2 , _ , _ := reader.ReadRune()
	val.b = int(text2 - '0')
	fmt.Println("Your two values are:", val.a, val.b)

func (c Calculator) Dostuff()  bool {
	i , _ := c.calc.Control()
	return i

the code in main

package main


func main(){
	var C vect.Calculator
	i := true
	for i{
		if i == true{

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