Hi there, so after upgrading Go from 1.16.7 to 1.17 (amd64.msi) my Windows Defender (v 1.347.36.0) detects go.exe as Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B. Reverting it back and 1.16.7 seems to be ok. Anybody else if having this issue? regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Please see for details.

If you’ve just installed the Go distribution and the system reports it is infected, that’s certainly a mistake. To be really thorough, you can verify the download by comparing the checksum with those on the downloads page.

Thank you Daniil, the checksum is correct so I guess I have to report it to Microsoft…or wait a few days for a new scan definition where the detection is maybe solved. For now I stick with 1.16.7.

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