Transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image (SVG)

I’d like to know if some of you knows about a Go library which takes an image and transforms it into a SVG or similar? There are a few Go image libraries which are capable of generating svg files, but none of them are capable of transforming RGBA images into an SVG.

Here are some of them I have already tried:

BTW, the last two one are integrating the core vector package for drawing, but since the Draw method require the source image to be of type *image.Uniform is not suitable for my needs.


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Transforming pixel images to vector graphics is not an easy task. There are some expensive programs available which try to do what you are asking for, I’m not aware of any go integration though.

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I know free programs which can do what i’m asking for, but i wanted to know if there is any go package which can do the same. I’m aware about it’s certainly not an easy task, but at least there will be a new motivation for me to start working on it.

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