Trace the execution of my program

could anyone take a look at my project and check if my functions from the “sort” folder are being called? Are they necessary to create new sort GIFs (that is the purpose)?
bareyowsky/Algorithms-Visualisation (
For example, when I run this command: image
It works well and creates a new GIF called quick.gif and it shows a quicksort algorithm but I wonder if it uses functions from quick.go file from “sort” folder.
Thanks from advance! :slight_smile:

I know I said before that you could use profiling to find this out, but now I’m thinking it might be quicker to just add a fmt.Println("test from sort.QuickSort") in your sort function(s) just as a sanity check to see if they’re getting called. You could then remove the call after confirming.

That’s a great piece of advice, I have just checked it as you said and it totally works! Thank you so much! :smiley:

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