Torch tool in golang how to integrate with My Application

i need sample example

What is torch?

Googling yields a film character, a rapper and a burning stick for me.

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Stochastic flame graph profiler for Go programs

Do you actually want to get help? I already googled once and won’t do it a second time. Probably this is true for most people.

It is considered good netiquete to link to tools when mentioning them.

People that know them, just try to answer as they can with information given.

But it may be the case that no-one here knows that tool, but has probably enough time to spare to read into its documentation and then trying to help you. That’s not possible though if even the link to the tool is missing.

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Okay Thank you

You didn’t understand, did you?

I used quite a lot of words, but the essence was:

Can you give a link to that tool?

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OK, so now what your question is about.

If you require advise how to use it, did you read If the documentation of this project is not helpful, maybe you will get better support by opening an issue on the project.

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