Toggl - Backend Developer (remote, full-time)


We’re looking for developers with experience in Go and PostgreSQL to work remotely for Toggl.

Toggl is a fast-growing group of 3 cloud service companies. Founded and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia we are an international team of 70. Most of our team members of 20 nationalities work remotely. Our biggest markets are the US, Canada, UK and Australia, providing the majority of 10M$+ revenues of 2017. We’re profitable with a healthy margin and built with no outside investments.

What are we looking for? Besides great programming skills, we want you to have a can-do attitude, focus on results and willingness to learn and develop beyond your limits.

What do we offer? Fully remote environment and the opportunity to travel; trust and responsibilities with clear goals and a path for advancement; excellent company culture with no micromanaging bosses and no office politics; yearly salary of 50,000€ (gross) and a bunch of perks.

All it takes to apply is this 10-minute test at

We’ll send a free t-shirt to everyone that scores high!


Evelin Andrespok
Toggl HR Manager

Please let me know how to apply this job.

I think the first thing to do is reading the jobs description correctly and not missing the very bold headliny answer to your question. But maybe thats already part of the test? Can’t tell, since I’m not going to apply anyway, since I currently can’t do full-time jobs.

The test is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone can put any tricky and absurd question that are impossible to answer in a few minutes if you do not already know the answer, but this is not a fair way to evaluate someone :wink:.


I was excited to see this because I’ve recently started using Toggl and like it. I’m definitely not a Go expert so I wasn’t expecting to do well… but this test is just bad and had no bearing on what I do and don’t know.

Hi, I have worked on Golang Project using fasthttp and postgres. I have taken test and press submit button, it showed me Time is up, when I click submit button there was 1 minute left.
Please let me know your email id, If you share with me email id, I can share with your Golang Project I have worked.
Please contact me.

Hi, Sorry to you hear you didn’t enjoy the test. Just as a quick explanation - this test is not an exam about your Go skills, but the aim is to find out if your overall skillset could suit our needs. Good luck finding your dream job!

Can we have a call now?, Please share your email or Skype. When I click submit button, there was 1 minute left. I am not sure the system is wrong.

Your test score has been recorded. Thanks for taking the test!

Man the test wasn’t easy. But i need some experience working with Go and i would gladly work for free with you guys. My email is hope to hear from you.

I ran through the test just out of curiosity, didn’t submit so that I don’t skew your stats as I’m not looking for a job right now. It seemed fairly reasonable as a filter to at least check people know what they’re doing, though I preferred the more open-ended questions about what certain terms mean to the ones which were a pop quiz about obscure behaviour you should never depend on (like adding an integer to a rune, or the rounding behaviour of a cast to an integer) - if you really need to know trivia like that, you can look it up.

I would recommend using standard Go style, as it was pretty confusing whether some questions were even asking about Go, looked more like they were in C - I had a couple in this sort of style:

int foo = 'B'+4; printf("%c", foo);

which is not valid Go as far as I can see. It should be something like:

foo := 'B'+4 
fmt.Printf("%c", foo)

And even then I’m not sure you should ever do this in Go. I assume you vary the questions from a bigger set, so I’m not giving much away by putting it here, if not apologies but I’d recommend changing this one anyway.

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Thanks for taking the test! Unfortunately, we don’t have vacancies outside of the offers listed on

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely share this with with the authors of the test. However, I’d like to point out that we’re not necessarily looking for the most purist Go developer as we value people with a broader view on coding and flexibility in thinking.

the funny thing is I completed the test and scored pretty good according to them they were suppose to send me a shirt. I have not heard from them. lol…

Hi! We’re replenishing the T-shirt stock at the moment and will ship the swag to qualified candidates in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience!