Todd McLeod's Golang Course - should I buy it?

Hello! I recently found about Todd McLeod and his Golang course, but I’m afraid of being too late, cause his course was created about 4-5 years ago… Is there something that became irrelevant there? Should I buy it?

His course is based on golang 1.x and it won’t be a problem until you’re using golang 2.x (not launched) to work with the course. Something might have changed, which could be worked around with a little bit of googling. Anyways, you’ll end up looking up golang docs at some point.

I would also highly recommend Gophercises once you are a little bit familiar with the syntax.


One of the main idea in Go language was to be backward compatible. So excepting a few underground stuff the things, at least the basics, are the same in all Go1. x versions. More than that Todd McLeod is one of the best trainers so definitely you should follow his courses.

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Thank you very much for the response! I already bought it… Hope to see some results :slight_smile:

Todd McLeod is a great teacher and I started learning GO also thanks to his courses :slight_smile:

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