Todd McLeod Course outline

When I began the course, I got a web address with the course outline. Periodically, Todd will say something like, I’m going to copy this and put it in the couse outline…but I don’t know where to find these changes

I have gave up with Todd McLeod and swithed to this course: (by Stephen Grider)
Try it.

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No sure which one of Todd’s courses you’ve taken or are taking, but in the course I took he listed all the resources in one of his videos in the first section.

I like Todd, but his stuff is so geared for the absolute beginner. If you know stuff already in other languages I suggest William Kennedy’s “Go In Action” book for a great overview of Go.

Actually I’m far below the absolute beginner :wink:

I actually found the resources right below the video screen :smiley:

Intuitively, I better stick with Todd right now. Maybe I can try what you suggested in the future.

Agreed with @agrinevich, that Stephen Grider’s course is a pleasure to learn from.


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