To Craete a file(not upload) on S3 and write to that file with Golang

I have done it by creating and writing csv file on app server and uploading on S3. CSV file is very large so it is creating memory problem for my app so what I want is to create a CSV file on S3 and write to them directly.
Please help me with that.
Thanks in advance!

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S3 tends to think in terms of uploading and downloading objects, and for very large objects, has a mechanism for sending chunks. I suspect other people have used that to buffer a file through limited memory (;-)) Myself, Iā€™d create it on disk and then upload it. That way you can recover if if you have an s3 error part-way through.

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Thank you @davecb. So are you saying that it is not possible to create a file on s3 only uploading is possible ?

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