TIP: A better go playground

Hi all

Try out https://goplay.space/ it is a sligtly more advanced go playground with some nice features like:

  • Syntax coloring
  • Runs go imports before execution so it automagically updates import (…)
  • Contex sensitive help by double clicking on functions and packages in code

Neat! I will show this to a young person I know who’s just getting into programming on his RaspPi.
‘Turtle Mode’ is quite ingenious :slight_smile: … memories of LOGO in my youth. Have you considered making a package that could parse this and render into a native window (GOOS=linux or win32) somehow so these programs could also run the same way offline?


Thanks. But I’m not the author. I just found it :slight_smile:

Sounds really great! I can’t wait til I am advanced enough to use it!

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A playground is for very basic things. For Raspberry Pi consider using LiteIDE wich is a complete IDE for Golang (yes, you can do cross compiling). Se here how to install.


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