Tint v0.0.1 release

(Ashish Shekar) #1

After announcing tint development, I’m really excited to release tint (v0.0.1) with Tint Color Expressions.

Tint color expressions help you color your terminal output inline with string specification.

A small demo:

package main

import (

func main() {
    t := tint.Init()
    fmt.Println(t.Exp("I want to print, r|THIS|!"))

will give you this output

demo text

Take a look at this section of doc for more information.

Do let me know about any new feature additions or issues in this module.

(catacombs) #2

Wow this looks great!

(Jaron) #3

This is cool!
I’m going to give it a spin in my status bar repo.
Thanks for sharing. :nerd_face:

(Ashish Shekar) #4

Glad that you guys liked it!

@jrswab do let me know if you want to see some more additions to this module or face any issues.

(Jaron) #5

Will do! I should have time to implement the repo this week. Feel free to DM me if you want to collaborate more.