Thunderbird marks all emails as scam

I’ve set up the forum to send me an email for every message which works fine, except for Thunderbird shows a big red message above every email “This message may be a scam”.

According to a post I found this is because the links in the footer of the emails, eg

To respond, reply to this email or visit in your browser.

Don’t actually go to the URL shown but go via a tracking site. URLs which don’t go where they say they are going is a standard phishing technique which is why Thunderbird is unhappy about them I guess.

Can this be disabled?



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I’ve disabled this, though tracking links are 100% super common in legitimate links as well, so this is kindof thunderbird being in the wrong here.
We don’t care about the tracking though, so might as well make thunderbird happy

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Thank you very much - that works perfectly - no big red warnings any more. :grinning:



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