There should be a dark theme available as well

(Santosh Kumar) #1

I think the forum engine is theme capable. :roll_eyes: Is there any dark theme available?

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(David Luu) #2

Worst case, override the default “theme” by using Stylish browser plugin for, and finding the right software that this forum runs on for which they have a dark theme for, or hack up your own in CSS/JS to apply with Stylish.

(Norbert Melzer) #3

Well, on my desktop I’d like to have a dark theme, but it doesn’t really matter to me, as the effect is only visual. Anyway I’m using user styles there that darken a lot of the web for me.

On my mobile though, userstyles aren’t possible, or at least I haven’t found a way to apply them so far. But there darkness actually matters.

The Haskell forum with dark background does consume less than half of battery than this forum.

(David Luu) #4

ah, ok, you didn’t mention mobile earlier nor your use of UserStyles.

I do wonder what forum software this forum uses. Based on haskell, which looks similar, I assume it’s discourse.

(Santosh Kumar) #5

Doesn’t discourse have theming option?
I really don’t wanna add another extenstion.

(Eric Lindblad) #6

The Haskell Community and Go Forum use discourse v2.3.0.beta2 and v2.3.0.beta5, if one presumes the accuracy of the respective websites’ meta tags as of today’s date.