The coverage report is showing different heatmaps for covermode set

Hi Team,

I am executing the test command as below wherein I need to get coverage of code present in a different folder, say A and executing tests from a different folder, say B. B folder has code that actually calls APIs in folder A. Below is list of commands executed:

go test -p 1 -cover -coverprofile=coverage.out -coverpkg 'some/path/to/pckgroot'  ./folder1/file1_test.go ./folder1/file.go
go tool cover -html=coverage.out
gocovmerge ./coverage*.out > ./coveragefiles.merged
go tool cover -html=./coveragefiles.merged

Directory Struct:

|- folderA
   |- file1.go
   |- file2.go
|- folderB
   |- file3.go                // a main method inside this file calls APIs from file1.go and file2.go
   |- file3_test.go           // go test is called with this file to cover code in folderA

I am getting the report coverage as fine, however, the heat map is not proper, I am using default covermode as set , so it should give whether code is covered or not i.e. either green or red color.
But I am getting shades green gradient color, I don’t want that.

Kindly help me understand where am I missing anything in between, is it the command being used wrong? Please assist.

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