The best feature I think in Go

Oh, it is make, the fantastic function in Go. It is a generics and overload function which can use data type as argument. It is so powerful and magical, make me exciting!

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yep, golang has many cool features… for me the interfaces are a very nice thing and the ability to write quickly network applications :smile:

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Could you please illustrate some of it’s abilities? To share the Magic! :slight_smile:


Channels as primitives and the small spec of the language.

  1. Concurrency becomes orders of magnitude easier to write and reason about with channels and goroutines.
  2. A small and concise specification for the language makes it a joy to work with. No more trying to fit a huge spec in my brain memory or choose a dialect of it.

Bonus: gofmt man gotta love the fact the it ends all useless bickering about code format. It’s like the language makes programmers happy, but gofmt unites us as a community haha.

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