Thanks for the great community, any good reading suggestions for

Hell all,

First off thanks for the great Go community. I’m new to Go, but have made a lot of progress with the help of folks here. I’m pretty new to MVC, and I kind of get the concepts. One thing I ran into with Go was an issue where I would put some things in my view, some in my model, others in my controller. They I would be importing from here to there, and a little bit of everywhere.

Does anyone have a good read on solid principals of MVC and where things like your structs to hold data should live?

And then is it ok to user a struct from your view layer, in your model layer?

I watched a few lessons on Pluralsight, but they didn’t cover concepts like this.

Thank you much!

This may not be a welcome suggestion, but rather than learning patterns like MVC, I’d start by studying concepts like networking (the net package), http (net/http, RFC2616, etc), slices, maps, and channels.

I strongly recommend The Go Programming Language by Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan (, and suggest you study that before a specialised textbook or course on something like web programming.


In addition to what Dave says, check out his collection of resources for people new to go: :wink:

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