Testing package log - ship to centralized management tool

I am part of automation team. We are using testing package to run lots of test cases.

Our goal is to collect logs per test case and store it in an object stoage (S3 or Google Storage). So that we will create a link to the log and access it through web browser

Now coming to the problem, if we use log package - we will be able to setoutput to a file and generate the logs. Once test case execution gets completed, ship the file to S3 or Google Storage.

But with testing package - T.log(“”) will print only to the console during test execution that too with verbose command.

But in our existing test suite, we are using only testing package T.log(“”) command to print the logs. It is not easy to switch to log package as that won’t print any logs in the console when executed as a test.

Could anyone please shed some idea on how to handle this scenario?

PS. I am a newbie in golang