Testing http handlers

I tried testing that my handlers responded with the correct html template, i achieved this by “stringing-fy”, the test seems to pass for this method. Here are my questions and problem;

  1. Is there any better devised way to do this?
  2. this method failed for the template i passed a dynamic data

template.Execute(a.html, passed-in-data)

What better way can this be done? Thank you.

Here is how I created a “static web site”

Hi @Oluwatobi_Giwa,

Can you share more details about your issue? Without the context, it is very hard to understand what you want to achieve or why your code fails.

  • What is “stringing-fy”? Why did you need this to make your handlers respond with the correct HTML template?
  • What does “this” refer to in “Is there any better devised way to do this?”
  • How does the Execute method fail? Especially:
    • What error message do you get?
    • Which template do you use?
    • Which data did you pass in?
    • Does the Execute method succeed for other kind of data or template? If so, how do the successful cases differ from the failing ones?

If possible, please share a minimal version of your code and data here, just enough code and data to replicate the problem. You can use the Go Playground to share executable code with the forum.

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