Test killed: ran too long (10m0s)

I am running some tests on my driver, When i run queryrow func for 10000 times it gives me error. How to solve it or how to change the test run time.

ERROR: *** Test killed: ran too long (10m0s)


	for i := 0; i < 10000; i++ {
		err := t.QueryRow("select name from foo where id = ?;", 1).Scan(&name)
		if err != nil || name != "bob" {
			t.Fatalf("on query %d: err=%v, name=%q", i, err, name)

What database and driver you used?

I am using IBM DATABASE and Driver (https://github.com/ibmdb/go_ibm_db)

I simulated your example on a default mysql instance but i didn’t succeed to replicate your error. I suspect the problem comes from the driver who seems to be an early one :thinking: Also i think about a misconfigured timeout somewhere.


Maybe your test simply does take too long. Can you try with e.g. 10 queries and estimate the average query time?

Yes! that thing worked @grzkv Thanks.

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