Test assertion library

Hi all,

I am learning Go and started to build a test assertion library which makes it a bit easier to write assertions on data.


I would be delighted to get feedback on the code and the library itself.

Cheers Sebastian

import (

func TestDemo(t *testing.T) {
	eT := expectations.NewT(t)
	eT.ExpectString("Hello World").EndsWith("joe")

	values := []int{1, 2, 3}
	eT.ExpectSlice(values).Contains(1, 2, 55, 66)

--- TestDemo in line 15: Expect Hello World to end with joe
--- TestDemo in line 17: Expect [1 2 3] to contain [1 2 55 66] but was missing [55 66]

--- FAIL: TestDemo (0.00s)

I added support for nil pointer, maps, channels and slices.

I appreciate any feedback on the library.

Cheers Sebastian