Terminal-based cribbage client and multiplayer server (play over SSH)

The first version of crib[0], a terminal-based cribbage client, is now available. It connects to jack[1], a cribbage server. A web-based client is planned at https://cribbage.world

You will need to use an ssh client to access the server. PuTTY is a popular choice on Windows.

To play, connect to cribbage.world on port 22000:

ssh cribbage.world -p 22000

Once you’ve connected, if no one else is waiting to play you will need to wait for an opponent to connect. Once they do, use the numbers 1-6 on your keyboard to select cards.

When the game is waiting for you to acknowledge something (“Go”, “Opponent scored # points”, etc.) press Space to continue.

  1. https://gitlab.com/tslocum/crib
  2. https://gitlab.com/tslocum/jack

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