Templates in Subdirectories

Hi, sorry, as I can’t find anywhere else where this question has been asked I know this has to be a real newb question but … please can anyone share the magic of referencing text templates in a subdirectory? It’s driving me crazy!!!


  1. Take a template tutorial and copy/paste so that the golang source and template are in the same directory
  2. Build the go source as a Windows .exe and execute.
  3. Success, it works perfectly and the crowd goes wild - I can successfully copy someone elses work!
  4. Create a templates subdirectory and copy the template file into it
  5. Manipulate the source to point to the template in the subdirectory (eg:
    dir, _ := filepath.Abs("templates")
    templateFile := filepath.Join(dir, "email.tmpl")
  6. Compile and execute …
  7. Scream as you’re told that the template is an “incomplete or empty template”

I’ve tried this every way I can think of but am consistently failing unless I leave the template in the same directory. Please can you put me out of my misery?

I think you need to use ParseFiles instead of Parse

Thanks Yamil, that was just a copy/paste error on my part. I’m pretty sure that the problem is with the ''s in the path but they’re all properly escaped when I output to screen … just can’t figure out the magic sequence so might just dump the templates in the same directory and stop worrying about it!

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