TCP server slows down while multiple client application connected

Hello, I wrote a simple tcp server and tcp client application and I am having different outputs about performance. Here is my scenario:

TCP Server application: main job is listen socket and start a new routine for every single connected client.

TCP Client application: main job open one or multiple connection to TCP Server and for every connection send/receive certain amount of package. and calculate elapsed time.

The problem is when I start 2 different TCP Client application with single connection to TCP server than performans almost drops half. But when I start only one TCP Client application with 2 different connection to TCP server than performance is fine. Can anybody tell me what is the situation here.

If the problem would my TCP server application than I would expect that when I execute TCP client with 2 different connection to TCP server than my performance must also drop. But that is not the case.

I hope I made the problem clear here.
Thanks in advance

What is the actual difference in time? Are we talking about 4ms vs 8ms or several seconds or minutes+ ?

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