TCP server not sending me the response I am looking for.

I have written two programs, one in GO and another in C#. I have establish a tcp connection with a server/device. I have two issues at the moment:

when I send the payload from c# I do get the responses, however in GO I do not get the correct responses. Likewise, I have seen the packets in wireshark, the packets are same.
Also, when I send the data through c#, the server fires back response automatically. However, I have to read the server/device in order to receive the data in GO.

I do not understand what is happening and what should happen instead just from your description.

Something seems to send a request and gets a response, though the request never reaches another thing, so it never sends a response?

  • Do you have some code to share?
  • Can you simulate proper behaviour using netcat?
  • Do they run on the same physical host? Different hosts? Docker? Virtual Machines? Other layers that abstract or virtualize any relevant hardware?

Thanks, I was able to resolve the issue. It was related to channels, and I did not configure my receiver perfectly, (by which I mean my buffer).

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