Tar gzip writer adds bytes after flush

Im trying to make a tar.gzip byte[].

Im having strange behaviour, I write a file entity, but after making flushes the buffer grows without any data written to my tar.writer, how come? What am I doing wrong?


This will also make me get flate: corrupt input before offset errors when trying to read from created []byte

Here is a smaller example that shows the problem


I don’t know enough about the operation of the gzip package to know if this is a bug or not.

What is the idea behind calling Flush() multiple times without calling Write?

the code is extracted from a larger “small project”, Im having problems with corrupted output after using tar.gz writers and I found this strange behaviour. In my code I dont use Flush at all, I use close but somehow I still get corrupted output.

I was going to test gzip and tar separated, thank you, I modified your example to try archive/tar package and that the behaviour is different! tar is not adding any extra bytes to the buffer after flushing.

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