Taking specific data out from an Json file

I’m trying to decode a Jason file. I got so I can get the data I need, but it ends up in a “ResultsType” and I can’t seem to get the specific data that I want. If I do: fmt.Println(data.Results) - it prints all the information, but now I want to example grab just the gender or the first name, how do I do that?

I tried:
fmt.Println("Print Data: ", data.Results.User.Gender)
and other ways as well, this is the one that makes most sense to me.

package main

import "fmt"
import "net/http"
import "encoding/json"

const apiURL = "http://api.randomuser.me/?nat=us"

type UserData struct {
	Results     []ResultsType `json:"results"`
	Nationality string        `json:"nationality"`
	Seed        string        `json:"seed"`

type ResultsType struct {
	User UserType `json:"user"`

type UserType struct {
	Gender string
	Name   struct {
		Title string `json:"title"`
		First string `json:"first"`
		Last  string `json:"last"`


func main() {
	res, err := http.Get(apiURL)
	defer res.Body.Close()
	decoder := json.NewDecoder(res.Body)

	var data UserData
	err = decoder.Decode(&data)

	fmt.Println("Print Gender: ", data.User.Gender)
	fmt.Println("Print Fist Name ", data.User.First.Name)

func errorCheck(err error) {
	if err != nil {

Your Results field is a slice, so you need to address an element from that slice.

fmt.Println("Print Gender: ", data.Results[0].User.Gender)

That should work for example.

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hahaha! face palm makes so much sense! thank you =)

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