Taking Backup on Server

Hello, I am able to access the files on the server using code in PuTTY by uploading the executable file of my code.
Now, Is there any way/function to create a full back-up using the same on the server that I’m using?

If your filesystem supports it, take a snapshot and transfer it, if it doesn’t, make sure to shut down the database server and use rsync.

Additionally to your DB server there might be other services that aren’t hot backupable, you need to stop those as well or your backup will contain corrupted files.

Remember to start those services after doing the backup.

If you can do a FS snapshot, those produce also bad files, though usually services can recover from that, from their point of view its similar to recovering from a crash or powerfailure. If you want to be sure, you still can shut down services during that snapshot, but its a matter of seconds to minutes then compared to hours with rsync.

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