Syntax error: unexpected XYZ, expecting (

(Sibert) #1

I cannot figure out what causes this fault (newbie):

./prog.go:43:6: syntax error: unexpected chkformat, expecting (

and 7 other similar error messages.

Any hint?

(Norbert Melzer) #2

There is some } missing in Checkmail.

(Sibert) #3

Yes! One closing bracket did it:

Thank you!

(Johan Dahl) #4

The chk-functions could really return a bool instead of no or yes

(Sibert) #5

Normally I do this, but while testing… :wink: But thanks for the tip.

(Nneha Sachan) #6

Error Resolved for your concern but there are many other multiple error…

(Sibert) #7

Yes, but they did not appear until the bracket was added. So I enclosed the “final” code in my previous answer:

Do you find any error in this code?