Support for ppc32 with go

Is there any plans to support ppc32 (power pc 32-bit)? I see only 64-bit supported.


I’m afraid the only way to get go running on an ppc32 would be using gccgo

I don’t think there will be any efforts soon support ppc32 for which computer or embedded device do you need the support?

Thanks. I finally your answer. It is a PowerPC e500v2 dual core CPU. The exact model is Freescale’s P1020 QorIQ. However, my guess is that info probably won’t change anything and I have to use gccgo.

Is there a reason why 32-bit is not supported but 64-bit is? Seems kinda of strange.

I only used PowerPC prcessores back then when Apple used them and I was running Linux on two PS3s just for fun… I would try to post this question also on!forum/golang-nuts
and on the Gopher Slack Channel:

I don’t think the demand for using Go on 32-Bit PowerPC systems is very high right now…

I’m no expert in programming embedding systems but I’m wondering if Go is a good choice for embedding systems because of the large binary size compared to C programs…

I’m afraid this won’t help you much but I think you should talk about this with an real Go expert like @dfc for example about this topic.

Gccgo is your best and probably only choice here.

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